Will you hire me?

That is an excellent question, right out the gate. We are always looking for new talent. Any current openings we have can be found by clicking here or visiting our team page.

Will Maestro Interactive Games allow YouTube content creators to monetize videos featuring gameplay footage?

Absolutely, Check out our Video Policy located here for more information.

What are you currently working on?

Maestro Interactive currently is working on MoonChild for the next gen systems. We are also working on Percy's Predicament Deluxe which will be available on the New Nintendo 3DS and will also have its Wii U updates we promised at launch, as well as Parallel Shift which will also be available on the New Nintendo 3DS. And lastly, we are working on Second Sight Labs, which is being released on the New Nintendo 3DS. We also have other prototypes that may eventually turn into games in the works as well.

How do you fund your projects?

Yet another excellent question. We do this in a variety of ways, we self-fund a great deal first of all; For example, Maestro's first title Percy's Predicament which was developed by a single developer was entirely self funded. It was successful enough that we could fund the next game Parallel Shift for the Nintendo 3DS out of pocket. Titles like MoonChild however, they need some extra support and we are always engaging with potential partners, like the one we secured for Second Sight Labs.

Didn't you announce two other projects when you formed Maestro?

Yes. We jumped the gun as it were and announced Fade Into Darkness and Acoustic Highway. While developing Percy's Predicament, we found some unfortunate limitations with the tool set we were using and had to scrap Acoustic Highway for the time being. Fade Into Darkness is still a passion of ours and will show itself when the time is right. Acoustic Highway could always be resurrected when we find the right partner.

Does Maestro do Work-For-Hire?

This is a tricky subject for us. Maestro does on occasion do work-for-hire projects. I encourage you to look at the post on our blog regarding work-for-hire as it outlines our process. In short, we do not actively seek these projects as they deter us away from our vision, but we will accept projects should they peek our interest, such as our work on Hello Kitty Kruisers.