Back in 2012, Monty Goulet had a vision of unifying the arts of audio and graphics into a new form of games. Games today have been driven in a large part by their graphic fidelity, however back when he started gaming, games were more about gameplay and sounds, not purely the graphics. After having worked for Nintendo, he saw that the vision of audio and games going hand in hand, had not died, it was just missing from many of the games that have come out in the last few years.

Maestro Interactive Games is on a path of rediscovery for the medium of video games, by merging the audio fidelity we know and appreciate with the gameplay we have come accustomed to, and creating a gaming experience, much like the one we grew up with. 

Our vision is to create the highest quality gaming products with a focus on art, design and music. We plan to create new and exciting audio based titles for the video game world by delivering exciting and entertaining game titles immersed with addictive and compelling soundtracks.

It sounds cliche, but we are making the kind of games we would like to play. We appreciate good art, thoughtful design, engaging stories and of course powerful, emotional audio, and we believe there are plenty of gamers out there who agree with us.


We are getting ready to ramp up for something new and exciting that will be revealed sometime this year. Very shortly this page will have a lot of open positions to be filled. So keep a close watch.

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