Percy's Predicament Deluxe

Hi everyone! Monty here, while we are working on our larger project MoonChild and our Kongregate project Second Sight Labs, I personally have been working on bringing Percy's Predicament to the Nintendo 3DS and I am happy to say that it is nearing completion. I am entering the testing portion before sending it to NoA for LotCheck.

You are probably wondering why I decided to bring this over to the 3DS rather than work on something new; Well, the truth of the matter is, I am working on something new! I am leading a small team here at the studio much like our MoonChild build for E3 to create a small title in a larger series that has been forming in my mind. However, in order to create this title, I wanted to familiarize myself with the New Nintendo 3DS development as we plan to launch our small project on Vita, 3DS, Steam and possibly Switch in the future, as we plan to launch the larger titles for the series on home consoles.

The new Percy title is a port of the Wii U version with the initial update that we never launched on the Wii U due to lack of sales on the console to warrant the work needed. This version which we are calling Percy's Predicament Deluxe will feature 100 levels and contains some new art and will also support the 3D feature of the 3DS.