Percy's Predicament Deluxe

Hi everyone! Monty here, while we are working on our larger project MoonChild and our Kongregate project Second Sight Labs, I personally have been working on bringing Percy's Predicament to the Nintendo 3DS and I am happy to say that it is nearing completion. I am entering the testing portion before sending it to NoA for LotCheck.

You are probably wondering why I decided to bring this over to the 3DS rather than work on something new; Well, the truth of the matter is, I am working on something new! I am leading a small team here at the studio much like our MoonChild build for E3 to create a small title in a larger series that has been forming in my mind. However, in order to create this title, I wanted to familiarize myself with the New Nintendo 3DS development as we plan to launch our small project on Vita, 3DS, Steam and possibly Switch in the future, as we plan to launch the larger titles for the series on home consoles.

The new Percy title is a port of the Wii U version with the initial update that we never launched on the Wii U due to lack of sales on the console to warrant the work needed. This version which we are calling Percy's Predicament Deluxe will feature 100 levels and contains some new art and will also support the 3D feature of the 3DS.

New Logo, New Website, New Studio

Hello everyone, it has been a great start to 2016 for Maestro Interactive. We have accomplished a lot in our first three years. We recently have partnered with Kongregate to launch one of our smaller titles "Second Sigh Labst" on their web portal. We also partnered with a few great developers who are now joining the studio full time which I am really excited about. Our new creative director has designed our new logo which to be quite direct, looks super sexy and cool. We moved offices as well. We are no longer in Tech Ranch and have since located further north in Austin, towards our homes. Lastly, as many of you can see, we designed a new website. With all the changes being made, we felt that one more change (new website) would help establish ourselves as what we want to be.

Company Formed and Interviews abound

I wanted to take a moment to look back at where we were just three years ago. Maestro started as an independent developer, with one sole developer Monty Goulet. It has since flourished into a team of 10. I solely developed Percy's Predicament for the Wii U on a Beta Unity Engine and was one of the first developers to launch using it, and the title continues to sell making us a profit.

When I launched, Maestro was interviewed by Nintendo Feed, Nintendo Chronicle, Game Modo, Weekly Texas Jump and Delighted Robot. We were the spotlight of an indie article on Nintendo Enthusiast as well. We were also headlined in Nintendo Life. Maestro was also featured in the Austin American Statesman as well.

When I launched Percy's Predicament it was after I left Retro Studios for some time and I wanted to develop a title for the 3DS. Sadly, at the time, Unity was unavailable and I ended up developing it for Wii U. It was featured multiple times in various places. Emily Rogers of NF Magazine interviewed me on the game.  We also were featured in Club Nintendo, the official magazine of Nintendo Mexico and we got a 7.5 for the title. A lot was accomplished in those three years as a solo developer house. We brought the title to Microsoft and got funding for it to be released on Windows 8, and we brought it to Blue Goji for their new hardware as well. And now three years later, Maestro is 10 devs strong and has multiple new opportunities on the horizon.

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